Buddhism Worship

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  • Buddhism Worship
    • Public Worship
      • 376,000,000 Buddhists worldwide
      • 150,000+ Buddhists in the UK
      • Worship involves religious acts of praise, honour and devotion
      • They worship the Buddha as a form of respect
      • Buddhist worship is called puja. It can take place at home or in a temple or vihara, either alone or with others.
    • Places of Worship
      • On full moon days and festivals, Buddhists may visit a vihara or temple in order to worship with others.
      • Temples are centres for study and worship for the whole community.
      • The most important part of a Buddhist temple is the shrine room.
        • Any place where an image of the Buddha is used in worship is known as a shrine, and many Buddhists also have shrines at home.
      • Another feature of worship involves visiting stupas.
    • Importance of symbolism
      • Shape of stupa or temple
        • Represents the five elements according to Buddhists: fire, air, earth, water and wisdom (considered to be an element)
      • Burning incense
        • Represents devotion and fills the room with sweet fragrance, as the Buddha's teaching has spread throughout the world
      • Taking off shoes/bowing
        • Shows respect to the Buddha


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