Piano Concert No. 20 in D Minor, K.466- Mozart

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  • Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K.466- Mozart
    • Context
      • Composed 1785 for series of 6 subscription concerts in Mehlgrube Casino, Vienna
      • Mozart successful at this point, didn't have acceptance from his father, hadn't spoken for years and was attending the concert
      • First of two minor piano concertos, published after his death
    • The Orchestra
      • Flute, 2x oboe, 2x bassoon, 2x horn in D, 2x trumpet in D, timpani tuned to D and A, piano, strings
      • Transposing instruments
        • Horns sound down minor 7th
        • Trumpets sound up a tone
        • Double bass sounds down an octave
    • Structure
      • Fusion of Baroque Ritornello form and Romantic Sonata form with double exposition
      • Ritornello
    • Texture
      • Opening full strings play syncopated chords
      • 21-2 unusual with cellos above violin and viola
      • Full tutti passages
      • Piano at 95 elaborates string passages with inner pedal
      • Wind often in pairs
      • Orchestration often altered when themes are repeated
    • Melody and Harmony
      • Melody
        • Lots of syncopation
        • Very virtuosic piano part in coda
        • Woodwind often given melodic material
        • Piano solo in 2nd Expo
        • Conjunct and diatonic writing
        • Scalic and arpeggiaic passages
        • Use of trills (supertonic trills used to move into next section
        • Use of silence to increase tension e.g. b.68
      • Harmony
        • Oboe suspensions bb.39-42 over light strings
        • Chords borrowed from enharmonic major/minor e.g. bb.162-5 use Bb minor chord, minor subdom. of tonic (F Major)
        • Dominant minor 9ths e.g. b.236
        • Diminished 7ths e.g. b.19
        • Augmented 6ths e.g. b.63
        • Functional
        • Neapolitan 6ths e.g. b.49
    • Cadenza
      • Written after performance, improvised by Mozart
      • Virtuosic, chance to show off
      • Alternatives composed by other composers inc. Beethoven and Mendelssohn
  • 2nd Expo, 1st Subject
  • Solo Episode 1
  • 2nd Expo, 1st Subject with solo
  • 2nd Expo, 2nd Subject with solo
  • Ritornello
  • Development
  • Episode 2
  • Recapitulation 1st Subject
  • Recapitulation 2nd Subject
  • Final Ritornello
  • Coda (Inc. Cadenza)


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