Howlin' Wolf- "I'm leavin' you" Notes

This is all the major points for the categories of:

  • Resources
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Tonality
  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Rhythm and Metre

For this set work. There is also some background info as well:)

For each point, if there needs be, I have also put examples like bar numbers next to them.

Relative? Means whether you can include this point in the 10 marker essay, eg what are the rhythm and blues features in this piece? I have put REL next to the background info if that is relevant as well.

I hope this helps x

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First 348 words of the document:

Recorded 1958 REL
Rhythm and Blues
Point Example Rel?
Resource -Lead guitar- uses reverb and is a solo instrument -V4 Y
s -Rhythm guitar Y
-Drum kit- fills to lead into verses, swung quavers -b15 Y
-Male lead vocal
-Bass guitar Y
-Harmonica- only plays during instrumental
-Lead guitar- slides/glissandi, pitch bends -b45 Y
Structure -Based on 12 bar blues Y
-Intro + 6 repetitions [choruses] of 12 bar blues (V1, 2 and 3
x2) + instrumental (V4) + coda (fadeout)
-chord sequence is known as changes
Texture -Solo voice accompanied by rhythm section and the lead
guitar playing the counter melody
-Triple stopping -b45 Y
-Lead guitar has counter melody Y
Tonality -G major throughout Y
-No modulations Y
-Not diatonic- additional 7ths/9ths G7,D7, C9 Y
Harmony -Not functional Y
-Imperfect cadences
-no perfect/plagal cadences in 12 bar blues
-G blue scale- Blues notes= Bb, Db and F Y
- Natural forms close by -b49-50 Y
-G minor pentatonic- G, Bb, C, D, F a Y
-Piano uses it for improvisation Y
Melody -Based around blues scale Y
-Decorated G minor triad -b3&7 Y
-Not diatonic as melody in G minor triad but harmony is C9 -b7 Y
-Melodic structure= 5b-2-2-2-1 rest (irregular phrase Y
-Melody for each verse is different Y
-In instrumental the voice is vocalised
-Mainly syllabic with some melisma -b15-16 Y
-Vocal cuts through backing at stop time
Rhythm -Swung quavers -b3&4 Y
and drums
Metre -Back beat Y
-Stop time in single crotchet chords -b15-16 Y
-Shuffle rhythm in rhythm guitar Y
-Triplets -b13&14
Invested forms of traditional jazz and blues REL
Started to be performed for dancing
Played in large concert halls so the sound had to be loud


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