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Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart…read more

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· Mozart's full name was Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilius
· Born in 1756 in Salzburg
· Died in 1791
· Wasn't a famous composer in his time
· Vienna was a big centre for music
· Original version of the clarinet concerto was never published but it
premiered October 6th 1791 in Prague by Stadler.
· It was written two months before his death and Mozart never
heard it as he went back to Vienna.
· First published in 1891. Mozart was the first to understand the
greatness of the clarinet.
· Concerto writing helped provide financially, especially piano as he
could play it.…read more

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Life and Travels
· When Mozart was 3 years old he started to play the clavichord
and at 4 he was allowed to have lessons. He could learn and
perform a minuet and trio and he sang in an opera too.
· At 5 he could compose and at 6 he played in front of royalty.
· Music filled Mozart's life and he listened to it no matter what he
did. He had an exceptional, perfect pitch.
· Woodwind instruments drove him mad in his early years as they
were out of tune.
· His dad took him out into the world to use Mozart's talent so he
was quite pushy (1762).
· He moved to Vienna where Ferdinand III ruled and in his court the
music was important. He brought ideas back from Italy-baroque,
operas, Italian elements ­ decorative.
· As a child he was very contemptuous and didn't like performing in
front of people who weren't musically illiterate.…read more

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· He got scarlet fever as a child so had to cancel
many concerts as he was often ill.
· He found that when he was better he wasn't
known as well as other musicians.
· He is thought to have died from Henoch-Schonlein
Syndrome where the blood vessels leak and a red
rash appears as an allergic reaction along with a
kidney problem, and a streptococcal infection.
· 7 years of life was always ill missed premier of
clarinet concerto…read more

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Life's works
· By 7 years old he had toured London and met the
Royal Family, wrote a symphony and published his first
pieces of music.
· Here he earned lots of money over the 15 months
spent in 1764.
· He arrived back home in 1766 and after 9 months he
went back to Vienna to get his opera performed ­
which was his big dream.
· Mozart would've met Handel as he was quite famous
in England and his music and J.C.Bach's music would've
been heard. They both wrote Italian operas which
Mozart was interested in so he saw many of them.…read more

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Life's work continued...
· His first Italian opera was written at the age of 12 but wasn'
t performed due to rumours of plagiarism and other
composers became jealous.
· Between 1770-73 he managed to gain 3 visits to Italy and
wrote 2 Italian operas, he learnt quite a lot from this. He
was very popular with the Italians and he was asked to
write the 1st opera of the season.
· At 14 he was given an honour ­ Knight of the Golden Spur
by the Pope.
· His 2nd opera wasn't liked as it was gloomy, romantic and
quite emotional so as a result Italy turned against him.
· 15 piano concertos written in 1782-1786 and he lived in
Vienna for rest of his life.…read more

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