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  • Piaget
    • 4 Stages
      • Sensorimotor
        • Birth - 2yrs
        • Remember by doing not seeing
        • No understanding of object permanence
        • Egocentric (No distinction between themselves and others)
      • Preoperational
        • 2yrs - 7yrs
        • Forms mental representations
          • The idea relates to the real world object
        • Comservation task
        • Mountains task
      • Concrete operational
        • 7yrs - 11yrs
        • Can perform operations (Mental actions)
          • The action must be performed first
      • Formal operational
        • 11yrs +
        • Abstract, unbiased and hypothetical thinking
      • The movement to each stage is an accommodation event
        • Changing the way info is stored
        • The way you think in each stage is fundamentally different
    • General
      • Born without knowledge, which must be learnt
      • Motivated to understand
      • Most learning is physical
      • Info is processed in a coherent (logical/consistent) way
      • Development is domain-general (Interdependent learning)
      • Distinct stages that are discontinuous
    • 3 Learning Mechanisms
      • Assimilation
        • Adding new info taken from the world (Observation)
        • Incompatible knowledge (When what's in the mind and what's in the world does not match) Causes the modal to fail, leading to reflection
      • Accommodation
        • Recognises info in the head (Reflection)
      • Equilibration
        • Balances the 2 mechanisms
    • Criticisms
      • Only description, no explanation
      • Ignores early abilities
      • Ignores social nature


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