Physics Required Practical: Force and Extension


- The Method (In Blue)

- Common Mistakes (In Yellow)

- Safety Notes (In Pink)

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  • Physics Required Practical: Force and Extension
    • 1. Set up a clamp and stand, with a spring hanging from the top and a ruler hanging just below.
      • 2. Measure the length of the spring with no masses attached. Record this length in the column for    0 N.
        • 3. Add a mass holder to the end of the spring and measure the length of the spring.
          • 4. Record the force on the spring and the new length of the spring. A mass of 100g has a weight of 1 N.
            • 5. Calculate how much the spring has extended. Then, repeat steps 3 and 4, adding the same amount of mass each time.
              • 6. Stop when your spring shows signs of over stretching. Then plot a graph, with force on the x-axis and extension on the y-axis.
    • Be careful not to drop the masses onto your foot.
    • Don't confuse length with extension. The extension is the stretched length minus the original length of the spring.
      • Try not to stretch the spring when you add and remove masses.


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