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  • Physics
    • Vectors and Scalars
      • vectors have magnitude and direction
        • Vector quantities: force, velocity, displacement, acceleration, momentum.
      • Scalar quantities: speed, distance, mass, temperature, time
    • Contact and Non-contact forces
      • Contact forces: friction, air resistance, tension in ropes, normal contact force
      • Non-contact forces: magnetic force, gravitational force, electrostatic force
    • A resultant force is the overall force on a point or object
      • When a force moves an object through a distance, energy is transferred and work is done on the object.
    • Mass, weight and Gravity
      • Weight= mass x gravitational field strength
      • Gravity attracts all masses
        • Mass is just the amount of "stuff" in an object
          • Weight is the force acting on an object due to gravity
    • Stretching a Spring
      • Required Practical: 1. Measure the natural length of the spring with a millimetre ruler clamped to the stand 2. Add a mass to the spring and allow it to come to rest. Record the mass and measure the new length of the spring. 3. Repeat this process until you have enough measurements. 4. Plot a force-extension graph of your results
    • Forces and Elasticity
      • Stretching, compressing or bending transfers energy
      • extension is directly proportional to force
        • F=ke
          • But this stops working when the force is great enough- limit of proportionality


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