Physicalist Reductions of Consciousness

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  • Physicalist Reductions of Consciousness
    • Reductive Analysis
      • Explains one thing in terms of another more basic thing
      • e.g Water is actually molecules of H2O
      • Conceptual/Analytic: linguistic. Explaining meaning of terms in other terms
      • Metaphysical: Factual involves explaining actual things in terms of other things
    • Analytic Reduction
      • To do with meaning
    • Metaphysical Reduction
      • About what things are made of
    • No such thing as the mind by itself
    • Behaviourism
      • B.F Skinner
      • Mental language refers to pattern of behaviour
      • 'Michael likes pizza'...'Michael often eats pizza
    • Functionalism
      • Mental language refers to physical processes which link sensory input to behavioural output
      • Treats the mind purely in terms of turning information into behaviour
      • Tries to interpret mental language in terms of neural processes
    • Type Identity Thesis
      • Mental types analysed properly are actually physical types
      • Steve's fear is specific kind of neurological activity
      • Under type identity thesis Steve can feel fear even if he sees or does nothing
    • Analytic reductions say 'consciousness' is a bad word for some physical processes
    • Constitutive reductions say consciousness is real but not basic
    • Constitutive accounts of mind
      • Thoughts/perceptions are constituted by physical entities or processes
      • Thoughts emerge from the behaviour of electricity in the brain
    • Token-Identity Thesis
      • Every mental 'token' is identical with some physical state
      • We don't know if consciousness emerges from brain states


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