Consciousness - The Hard Problem

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  • Consciousness - The Hard Problem
    • Easy Problems
      • Which bits of the brain are responsible for what kinds of thought? (Neurological)
      • How does the brain store information? (Neurological)
      • How do we differentiate between stimuli? eg. Shades of blue (Psychological)
      • How does language relate to thought (Psychological)
    • The Hard Problem
      • We know lots about the brain but not conscious thought
    • Some non-answers
      • We know facial recognition is a process located in the visual cortex
      • Psychologist: 'consciousness doesn't matter - we can explain everything the mind does without it
        • This doesn't change the fact that we are conscious
    • Epiphenominalism: The view that conscious thoughts are epiphenomena
    • Conscious Privacy
      • Things look different to different people
    • Objectivity
      • 'An objective fact'
      • Do not depend on one point of view - they are true even if no one notices them
    • Subjectivity
      • Matter of opinion
      • eg. 'Dr Davnall is the best lecturer
    • Nagal's Point
      • When we explain things, we tend to move from subjective descriptions to objective
      • We can communicate what we're conscious of
    • Physicalism
      • The mind is the brain, mental things are physical things
      • Mental events are physical events
      • Nagal argues this is only understandable if we have context


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