Personal Identity: The Stream of Consciousness

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  • Personal Identity: The Stream of Consciousness
    • Co-Consciousness
      • Formalised by Dainton in 'the phenomenal self'
      • Synchronic: Conscious of both at the same time (sight and sound)
      • Diachronic: Relies on claim that experiences have a duration
        • Constructs it out of the temporal overlaps between experiences in different streams
        • Auditory experience bridges the gap
      • Can we tell where one experience ends and another begins?
    • Consciousness and Time
      • We seem to experience time flowing
      • Suggests our experiences should have temporal length
    • Stream of C vs. Soul theories
      • No direct evidence for where soul might be
      • You'd know if your stream of consciousness got switched with someone elses
    • Stream of C vs. Body theories
      • Problem was where it moved without your body
      • If stream continues in new body your identity continues. If it stops you are dead
    • Stream of C vs. Physiological Theories
      • Can you copy stream of consciousness?
      • If not, its strongly in favour of the phenomenal model
      • Would it be yours if its possible?
    • Duplicate Streams
      • Dainton's model is open to splitting
    • Unconsciousness
      • Model says you exist as long as the stream of C is maintained
      • Our streams of C get interrupted all the time
      • If you don't remember things when you were at a party did 'you' not go?
      • Phenomenal model suggests that every time you go to sleep you wake up as a new person
      • What matters is capacity to maintain stream of consciousness
    • Hybrid Models
      • Stream of consciousness and bodily capacity for consciousness = solves bridge problem
      • Dainton's model allows to handle sleep at the expense of complicating teleportation
    • Derek Parfit
      • Personal Identity is not what matters
      • We should only care about psychological continuity
      • Gets around the problem of our identities changing over time
      • However his approach is purely about anticipation
    • Resonsibility
      • Legal stuff relies on bodily continuity
      • All about establishing its your body
      • Anticipation is a first person problem
      • Responsibility is a third person issue - how we judge identity of others


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