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  • Consciousness
    • Black and White Mary
      • Thought experiment by Frank Jackson
      • When Mary went outside she learnt what it is like to be conscious of colour
      • Jackson changed his mind and said...
      • Being conscious of colour is different to knowing how colour is experienced
      • The essence of conscious is what Mary learns
      • Learns what it is like to see colour
      • We expect Mary to have no knowledge of colour despite knowing everything the brain does in seeing colour
    • Phenomenal Character
      • Phenomenalism: the view that there are only sensations (things that appear)
      • How a thing appears when experienced
    • Responses to Mary
      • Daniel Dennett - Mary wouldn't be surprised at all when she sees colour
      • David Lewis - Mary learns a new ability, red perception
    • Two Kinds of Knowledge
      • Prepositional Knowledge - Knowledge of facts
      • 'Know-how'
    • Alternate models of consciousness
      • Dennet and Lewis' view are forms of physicalism
      • Attempts to show consciousness is part of physical system in the world
    • Reductivism
      • Explain consciousness in terms of other things


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