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  • Physical Development = first three life stages
    • Early Childhood (2-8 years)
      • Maturation = fast to medium/normal speed.
      • NOT going through the ageing process (can't do both)
      • Gross Motor Skills Improve = Walking. climbing, running, control over toileting
      • Fine Motor Skills = Learnt at this age. They learn how to dress themselves, write, hold cutlery etc.
    • Adolescence (9-18 years)
      • Maturation = slow, but significant because of puberty
      • Gross Motor Skills = improving due to more practise and stronger muscles/
      • Fine Motor Skills = should improve and learn new ones, e.g sewing, braiding hair
      • Puberty = The developmental period when secondary sexual characteristics develop and reproductive organs become functional
    • Infancy (0-2 years)
      • Fine Motor Skills = although new born babies can grab, they are not considered FMS. They haven't developed these skills yet.
      • Gross Motor Skills = they start to develop at around 1 years old
      • Maturation = Very quickly, infants are always changing and growing.


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