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  • physical attractiveness
    • matching hypothesis and halo effect
      • Dion et al: attractive people are consistently rated as successful;, kind and sociable.
      • By choosing someone with similar social desirability it creates a high chance of affection being reciprocated
      • Attractive people rate their own potential and then select people who are most likely to be attracted to them.
      • When people look for a partner, they look for someone whose social desirability equals their own.
    • Research examining:
      • Palmer and Peterson: asked people to rate attractive and unattractive people in terms of how knowledgeable they perceived them to be. attracted people were rated higher.
      • Walster: 752 1st year students at the uni of Minnesota to attend a dance party.
        • randomly matched a partenr where in intervals thorugh the party and 4 to 6 months later whther they found their partner attractive.
          • higher appreciation for their partner if the partner was attractive regardless of their own level of attractiveness
      • Feingold: meta analysis of 17 studies using real-life couples. strong correlation between partner's ratings of attractiveness
    • Evaluation:
      • Taylor et al: investigated activity log on a dating website. People are more likely to try and arrange a meeting wiht spmeone who was more physically attractive
      • Towhey: gave ppts photos of strangers and some biographical info. asked to nrate how much they liked the persin. attractveness was moire importnat for those with sexist attitudes- mesaured by speciallkyt desiugned qurestinnaire.
      • Mainly applies to short term relationships: for long term people focus on similarity of values
        • Questions the validity: only describes a limited number of relationships.
          • cannot explain why less attractive, older ,men are sometimes married to younger more attractive women
        • ignores the fact that people compensate with intellect.
          • cannot explain why less attractive, older ,men are sometimes married to younger more attractive women
    • Issues and debates:
      • Beta bias- assumes men and women are similar in their view of importance on physical attractiveness
        • Melter et al: men rate their long term relationships more satisfying if their partner is physically attractive but women suggested it didn't have a significant impact
      • Based on a nomothetic approach to generate general behavioral laws, however studies suggest that there are significant individual differences


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