Phototropism and Auxins

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  • Phototropism and Auxins
    • Phototropism
      • Some parts of the plants can respond to light by growing in a certain direction.
      • Shoots are positively phototropic. Towards the light
      • Roots are negatively phototropic. Away from the light
      • Positive phototropism
        • Without sunlight plants can't photosynthesise and don't produce the food they need for energy and growth.
      • Negative Phototropism
        • Plants need nutrients and water from the soil to grow. Phototropism means roots grow away from light, down into the soil where the absorb the water and nutrients
    • Auxins
      • Auxins are chemicals that control growth near the tips of shoots and roots.
      • They are produced in the tips and diffuses backwards to stimulate the cell elongation process
      • Auxins are involved in the responses of plants to light, gravity and water


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