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  • Control in Plants
    • Key Words
      • Phototropism
        • Plant growth response to light.
      • Geotropism
        • Plant growth response to gravity.
      • Positive tropism
        • Towards the stimulus.
      • Negative Tropism
        • Away from the stimulus.
      • Auxin
        • Plant growth hormone
      • Tropism
        • Plant growth response to a stimulus.
    • Phototropism
      • Auxin is produced in the tip of the shoot.
      • Auxin moves to the shaded side of the stem.
      • Auxin causes cell elongation.
    • Geotropism
      • Auxin produced in the tip of the root.
      • Auxins have the opposite effect in the root.
      • Auxins stop elongation and root grows down.
    • Uses of plant hormones
      • Selective weed killers
        • Auxin makes broad leaved plants grow out of control and die.
      • Rooting powders
        • Auxin makes cuttings develop roots quickly.
      • Seedless fruit
        • Flowers sprayed with hormones to make fruit develop but not seeds.
      • Fruit ripening
        • Farmers use hormones to control fruit ripening.





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