Why Joe is cool

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  • Why Joe is cool
    • he has a massive....ear
    • he has really big.... hands
    • he has a really long.... middle finger
    • he is so clever
    • I love you Joe
    • His name is Joe
    • He is amazing at riding... a bike
      • Oh and me
    • I love you Joe
    • Did i mention I love you Joe
    • He has nice tender legs... urm legs
    • Where are you Joe
  • He has nice tender legs... urm legs



I find this very informative thank you luke :)


Though I do not like the name Joe

Sam Barnwell


Luke Mitchell

Thank you guys this means a lot to me, I love that man with all my heart.

Katy Younger

i came here for the language acquisition

i stayed here for the joe

Charlotte Mednick

I'm glad I found this.


That was beautiful.


This is just so funny, i know a joe whos exactly the same :')


My name is joe!!!!!

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