Accents and dialects

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  • Accents and dialects
    • Dominant Discourses
      • RP is most prestigious accent - education, intelligence, posh. Also very strict, 'stuck-up', unforgiving.
      • M.L.E is seen as uneducated, criminal (Starkey), unintelligent. However, it holds covert prestige - friendships think it's cool e.g Dizzie Rascal.
      • Northern accents are seen as most friendly.
      • Rural/rhotic accents are seen as low status and unintelligent. Trudgill stated those in Norwich ignored velar nasal - reflects their working class position.
      • Accents preserve an identity and create an opinion immediately on the person. Some accents should not be promoted as a result e.g Cockney or M.L.E
    • R.P
      • Spoken by only 3% of the population - vulnerable to dialect levelling (Kerswill)
      • Features: long a sound, velar nasal used, no dropped h.
      • Speakers include the Royal Family! Seen as the 'most prestigious accent' as a result - Trudgill.
    • M.L.E
      • Gained power by celebrities. It is the mix of Greek, Jamaican and Cockney! Holds covert prestige with youth.
      • Features:  th fronting, velar nasal not used, h sound used.
    • Cockney
      • Features: glottal stop,velar nasal not used, fricative replacement (th fronting)
      • Holds heritage of the Londoners. Now becoming glamoured by EastEnders. People see Cockney speakers as shouty, self-righteous but down-to-earth.


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