langauge change main points

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  • language change
    • William caxton printing press 1476
      • people used to write in there regional dialect
        • used to standardised English make it easy for others
          • educated the lower class
            • easy for others to  learn to read
            • richer people worried about a uprising from the lower class with learning there bad treatments
    • Dr Samuel Johnson dictionary
    • aithen metaphor 'crumbling castle'
      • representing that language change over time though natural process and it cant be stopped.
      • indirect critism to prescriptivism
    • random fluctuation theory
      • example is word of 2012 - omnishables
        • spread as it was used for policital usage
          • it means its a external change or change from above
      • another example is technology noun book used for adjective cool
    • language being directed
      • language change due to technology and society
        • functional theory
          • initialism  "HD"
          • social media - unfollow or refollow
          • word of year 2017 - 'youthquak'
            • word design as there was a change in the youth getting involve in politics
            • its a blend of already existed words
              • prescriptivism against as new word are being created.
    • extreme example of prescriptivism
      • academie fo franciase
        • truing to protect the language from changes
          • in 17th century Jonathan Swift
            • created book called proposal for correcting, improving and ascertaining the English tongue


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