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  • Phobias
    • DSM System
      • Diagnostic ans statistical manual of mental disorder
      • Contains lists of symptoms/diagnostic criteria
    • Characteristics
      • Behavioural: Ways in which people act
      • Emotional: Ways in which people feel
      • Cognitive: Refers to process of thinking- knowing, perceiving, believing
    • What?
      • Irrational fear
      • Object/ situation
    • Types
      • Specific: phobia of an object, such as an animal/body part/ situation
      • Social: phobia of a social situation e.g public speaking/ public toilets
      • Agoraphobia: phobia of being outside/ in a public place
    • Evaluation
      • Valid: We can learn, teach and unlearn phobias. Learning involved. Behavioural approach valid explanation
      • Biological preparedness: innate predisposition to acquire certain fears.
      • Reductionist: ignores biological factors
      • People cannot always explain why they have a phobia. Unsure of cause and effect
      • Ignores cognitive/ emotional factors


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