Characteristics of Phobias

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  • Characteristics of Phobias
    • Emotional
      • Out of proportion to the danger proposed.
      • Bought on by the presence or thought of the feared thing.
      • Feelings of anxiety and panic.
    • Behavioural
      • This makes a phobia different to regular fears,
      • Avoidance of the feared thing or stress response - fainting or freezing.
      • It can lead to disruption in normal life.
    • Defintions of Phobias
      • A type of anxiety disorder - they cause extreme anxiety.
      • Irrational fears that produce a conscious avoidance of the feared thing.
    • Cognitive
      • A level of resistance to rational arguments against the phobia.
      • Irrational thought processes.
      • The person knows their fear is irrational - making it a phobia.


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