Phillip Internal rebellion 1590

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  • Phillip Internal Rebellion 1556-98
    • The Revolt of Aragon 1590
    • Most serious dispute w/ gov. in Madrid
    • His former secretary centre of the problem
    • Problem Aragon is it held responsibility over subordinate Kingdoms but presented any attempt made by Madrid interfere w/ events
    • Phillip only allowed to appoint viceroy in Aragon
    • Phillip didn't want to impose on Aragonese affairs due to guarded rights for independence
    • Phillip intervened in Aragonese affairs due to increasing disturbances.
    • Sent army to recapture  Ribagorza due to Protestant threats
    • Perez attempted to be tried in Aragon to be under the Justica not King
    • Phillip wanted him tried under the INquisition
      • Implied justica was not good enough and took away local authority
    • Lead rebels executed and Perez escaped to France
    • Phillip wrote to Cortes asking for reforms: given right to dismiss justica whenever


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