Philippines Hazard Hotspot

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  • Philippines Hazard Hotspot
    • Geophysical Hazards
      • Earthquakes
        • The Philippine and Eurasian plate can become stuck and then suddenly release causing an earthquake
        • The worst earthquake that has occurred had a magnitude of 7.8 in 1990 and killed over 1500 people.
      • Volcanoes
        • It is located on a detructive plate boundary which means volcanoes form where magma rises.
        • Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991.
      • Tsuanmi's
        • Earthquakes in surrounding ocean could cause a tsunami.
        • A earthquake measuring 7.9 on the richter scale caused a tsunami in 1976 that struck Moro Guif and killed thousands.
    • Hydro-meteorological Hazards
      • Landslides
        • The high amounts of rain causes landslides in areas with steep slopes. They can also be triggered by earthquakes.
        • A landslide occured on Leyte island in 2006 after 10 days of solid rain meant a whole village was buried, killing hundreds.
      • Typhoons
        • The Philippines have around 10 typhoons a year which form over the Pacific and move west.
        • Typhoon Xangsane swept across Manila, destroying homes and causing flooding and landslides.
      • Droughts
        • Droughts occur when the wet season didn't bring much rain or the dry season is particularly harsh.
        • A drought on Luzon island in 2005 caused rivers to dry up and hydroelectric energy sources to stop. This affected the power supply of the entire region.
      • Flooding
        • Floods can be caused by typhoons and heavy rain in the wet season.
        • Major floods fairly recently around the lowlands of Manila and destroy many crops.
    • Location
      • The Philippines are a group of island located the on the plate boundary of the Eurasian and Philippine plates.
      • There are two fault lines running along the center of the country.
    • Vulnerability
      • There are areas of high population density around Manila and Luzon.
      • Population pressures have causes deforestation which increases risk of landslides.
      • Some fast growing settlements are built near dangerous area's. Angeles is built right next to Mt. Pinatubo.
      • The Aeta tribe were living on the side of Mt. Pinatubo when it erupted.


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