Hazard Hotspots: the Philippines

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  • Hazard Hotspots: the Philippines
    • Tectonic Hazards
      • It lies between two tectonic plates, the Eurasian and Philippine plates, which make up a destructive plate boundary
        • The more dense but thickier Eurasian plate is subducted beneath the less dense the Philippines plate
      • 80% of the worlds volcanoes occur on a destructive plate boundary
    • Fact file
      • It consists of 7,000 islands and is 25% bigger than the UK
      • Its population is 99 million as of February 2014
      • the GDP was $5000 per capita (middle income country)
    • Mount Pinotubo volcanic eruption in 1991
      • It was the biggest seen in 50 years
      • 200,000 people were evacuated
      • Death and injury toll reached 43000 people
      • 350 people died
      • 80,000 hectares of farmland was destroyed
      • Economic losses were $710 million
    • What causes other hazard risks?
      • Torrential rain
      • Small earthquakes (below 3 on the Richter scale) causes landslides
      • Deforestation means less percipitation is being absorbed so their is more run-off
      • The replacement of native forests with shallow-rooted trees, such as coconut trees


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