Peters Foreign Policy

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  • Peters Foreign Policy
    • Pruth Campaign - 1711
  • The Streltsy was still needed to make up numbers. They were little of use and unwilling to obey
    • Was Russia's force really modern?
  • Inadequate supply organisation
  • No clear leadership - Gordon, Lefort, Fedor
  • Force was too small to surround town completely. Couldn't stop reinforcement from ships
  • 1,500 died, pointlessly. Seige abandoned
  • Russians cut Azov off from help outside
  • The town fell after a short seige
  • 300 Russians died, in comparison to 1500
  • First victory since Alexeis reign
  • Access to Azov Sea, Kerch blocked access to the Black Sea
    • Peters initial aim was to gain access to the Black Sea.
  • Tagenrog fleet established.
    • Ships were poor. Peter had to burn them in 1711
      • Was it worth the cost? What was the purpose of his developed fleet?
    • Russias couldn't drive the boats


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