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  • Personal Digital Devices
    • People use digital devices, everyday of their daily lives
    • With digital devices you are able to communicate at an time with anyone
      • Text messages (SMS)
      • Social networking sites .e.g. facebook, twitter
      • Instant messaging
      • Media messages (multimedia messaging service, MMS)
      • Voice calls
      • Video calls
      • Emails
    • Leisure
      • Watching high definition films on Blu-ray players
      • Watching more channels on digital TV
      • Streaming films
      • Downloading music
      • Listening to music and watching films with personal media players
      • Playing games with consoles or computers
      • Reading with ebook readers
      • Keeping in touch through social networking sites
      • Taking photos and videos with digital cameras and comcorders
      • Digital photos with digital photo frames
    • Travel
      • People often use digital devices on the move to find the route using a sat nav and global positioning system (GPS)


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