Persues's birth

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  • The Birth of Perseus
    • 1. King Acrisius had been warned by an oracle that his grandson would kill him
    • 2. Acrisius locked up his only child, Danae, in a huge tower.
    • 3. Zeus soon heard of this and visited Danae in a shower of gold.
    • 4. Nine months later she gave birth to Perseus
    • 5. Acrisius was enraged and ordered his servants to throw his daughter and his grandson into a chest. This was then thrown out to sea
    • 6. As she and Perseus were thrown into the sea the Gods took pity on her. The chest floated on the waves till it came to the island of Seriphos
    • 7. A fisherman called Dictys found the chest and released Danae and let her live with him.
    • 8. many years later when Perseus was grown up Dicty's cruel brother Polyductes (the king of Seriphos) fell in love with Danae
    • 9. Polydectes constantly asked Danae to marry him. danae did not trust him and Perseus hated him
    • 10. Polyductes hated Perseus back and belived, mistakenly, that if he got rid of Perseus then danae would love him.


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