Paper and Board

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  • Paper and Board
    • Paper
      • Bleed proof Paper
        • used by designers when drawing with felt-tips and marker pens.
        • the ink doesn't spread- bleed
      • Layout Paper
        • thin and translucent
        • for rough drawing
        • Made from cotton rag
      • Tracing Paper
        • Translucent
        • copy drawing and images
      • Cartridge Paper
        • Has a textures surface
        • Used for sketching with pencils,crayons, pastels,gouache,inks and watercolours
    • Board
      • Corrugated board
        • keep in heat -thermal propertie
        • It at the end of the recycling life cycle
        • flutted inner core that filled with air to protect the item
      • Mount board
        • Mount drawings and photographs for presentation or framing.
      • Duplex board
        • has different colour and texture on each side.
        • unbleached - ideal for food packaging
      • Solid white board
        • High quality bleached surface
        • Used for primary  packaging -individual
      • Grey board
        • Rigid
        • Found on board games.hardback books,ring binders and covered boxes.
    • Made from wood pulp
      • if the pulp comes from well mananged forest, paper and board are fairly sustainable
    • Recyclable. Lots of cardboard is made from recyclable materiel- more environmentally friendly
    • Biodegradeable
    • measured in gsm. Microns measures thicken-one microns = 1000 of mm
    • Above 200gsm is not paper any more it board




what does 'flutted' mean

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