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Paper and Board
Material Type Properties Uses
Cartridge paper Paper Completely opaque Good general
Accepts most drawing purpose drawing
media paper
Heavier weights can
be used with paints
Tracing paper Paper Allows tracing through on to Same as layout paper
another sheet in order to Heavier weight
develop design ideas preferred by drafters
Folding boxboard Board Excellent for scoring, Most food packaging and all
bending and creasing general carton applications
without splitting
Excellent printing
Corrugated board Board Excellent impact Protective packaging for
resistance fragile goods the most
Excellent strength for commonly used boxmaking
weight material
Solid White board Board Very strong and rigid Packaging for frozen foods,
Excellent printing icecream pharmaceuticals
surface and cosmetics
Foillined board Board Very strong visual Cosmetic cartons,
impact prepacked food packages
Foil provides excellent
barrier against
Polythene Packaging Laminate Excellent barrier against Packaging laminate
Aluminium foil Packaging Laminate Excellent barrier against light
and air
Paperboard Packaging Laminate Strong and stiff
Excellent print surface


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