The Panathenaia

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  • The Panathenaia
    • Most important Athenian festival
    • Took place at end of July every year to celebrate Athena's birthday
    • Lasted for 4 days
    • The Procession
      • Main event = procession through the city to the Acropolis
        • At the end of the procession Athenians placed a statue of Athena on the Acropolis and  put the Peplos on it.
      • Began at Dipylon Gate.  100 sacrificed animals were driven along the route.
      • Many levels of Athenian society were represented (metics, children, young women)
    • Musical Contests
      • Rhapsodes (reciters of epic poetry) competed for crowns or valuable prizes.
      • Competitions also for who could best play and accompany the lyre and the aulos.
    • Sporting Events
      • Most important athletic events in Greek World.
      • 200m Sprint, Pentathalon, Wrestling, Boxing and Equestrian Events.
      • Prizes were amphoras of olive oil with a picture of Athena on one side and event which competitor participated in.
      • Olive Oil = valuable
    • Tribal Contests
      • Only open to Athenians unlike other contests which were open to all Greeks.
      • Between 10 tribes of city.
      • A Torch race from Dipylon Gate to Acropolis


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