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  • P9
    • Force Basics
      • vector- magnitude and direction
      • scalar- magnitude only
      • contact or non-contact
      • friction is a contact force
      • Gravity is non-contact
      • When 2 objects interact, force produced on both. Equal and opposite
    • Finding the resultant force
      • free body force diagrams- show all forces acting on an isolated object or system
        • Can help see if there's a resultant force
      • Lengths of arrows represent magnitude
      • Forces along same line, find difference in sides
      • Resultant force=0, in equilibrium
      • converting free body force diagram to tip-to-tail
    • Moments
      • Moments- turning effect of a force
      • M= Fd
        • M-Moments(Nm) F- Force (N) d- Distance(m)
      • Equilibrium- the sum of clockwise moments= the sum of anti-clockwise moments
      • Pivot assumed at centre of mass
      • Levers increase the distance from the pivot at which the force is applied
      • Gears- larger, turns slower


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