Work, Energy Momentum

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  • Work, Energy, Momentum
    • Gravitational Potential Energy
      • Energy an object as due to its position.
      • Ep=m x g x h
    • Kinetic Energy
      • Energy an object has due to its movement
      • Ek=1/2 x m x v^2
      • Ek is proportional is v^2
    • Momentum(P)
      • Momentum is the product of an objects mass and velocity.
      • P = m x v
        • P=(kgm/s)         m=(kg)       v =(m/s)
    • Conservation of Energy
      • Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred
      • Falling objects transfer Ep to Ek.
        • Neglecting air resistance.
    • Conservation of Momentum
      • In a closed system the total momentum before an event is equal to the total momentum after an event.
        • Assign +ve and -ve directions.
      • Event = Collision or Explosion
    • Power
      • Power is the rate at which work is done
      • P = WD/t
        • P = W            WD = J        t = s
    • Impact Force
      • To decrease the impact force we must increase the impact time
      • F=Change in P/t
    • Work Done
      • Work is done when a force acts on an object over a certain distance
      • WD=Force x Distance
        • WD = Joules  F= Newtons  D= Meters
      • Distance must be in the same direction as the force
      • Work done is equivalent to energy transfer


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