GCSE Physics Edexcel P2a Revision

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  • Physics Revision
    • Atomic Structure
      • The nucleus is in the center of the atom, containing the protons and neutrons.
      • The electrons are in the shells surrounding the atom.
    • Charged Particles
      • Neutrons have a mass of 1 and a neutral charge of 0.
      • Protons have a mass of 1 and charge of +1 (positive)
      • Electrons have a mass of 1/200 and a charge of -1 (negative).
    • Effect of charged particles
      • Ballons can stick to walls by electrons scraping from the clothes to the Balloon.
      • A charged Comb can pick up small pieces of paper by transferring the electrons to the comb
    • Electrical measurement
      • The Ammeter
        • Measures the current  (in amps) flowing through the compound.
        • Must be placed in series (connected in a line with the component)
      • The Voltmeter
        • Measures the voltage or potential difference (in volts) across the component.
        • Must be placed in parallel around the component under test - NOT around the variable resistor or the cell.
    • Energy Calculations
      • Charge = Current x time.
      • Potential Difference = current x resistance.
      • Speed = Distance/ Time
      • Acceleration = Change in velocity/ Time taken .
    • Resistance
      • Resistance is anything in the circuit which slows the flow down.
      • If you increase the voltage - then more resistance will flow.
        • If you increase the resistance - then less current will flow.
    • Graphs + Data
      • Voltage-current Graphs
        • Fixed Resistors
        • Filament Lamp
        • Diode


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