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  • Physics On The Move
    • There are 1609m in a mile.
    • There are 3600s in a hour.
    • speed = distance/ time
    • Average reaction time of a human is 0.2 seconds.
    • Acceleration = change in speed/ time
    • Learn the speed of a fast object and a slow object.
      • You can then estimate typical speeds of other objects.
    • Reaction time is is the time from seeing/ hearing an event and starting to break/ use a stop watch.
    • The time it takes before a driver puts their foot on the pedal is called 'thinking distance'.
    • Thinking distance = speed x  reaction time.
    • There are factors which affect thinking distance.
      • Alcohol
      • Drugs
      • Tiredness
      • Distractions
      • Old Age
    • Braking distance is is how far a car travels when braking.
    • Stopping distance is the total distance from the moment a problem is detected until the car is stationary.
      • Thinking distance + braking distance
    • Large deceleration can lead seat belts to cause compression injuries.


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