Formulas for 'Explaining Motion' P4 OCR 21st century

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  • P4 -  Formulas for 'Explaining motion'
    • Speed (m/s) = Distance travelled (m) / Time taken (s)
    • Acceleration (m/s^2) = Change in velocity (m/s) / Time taken (s)
    • Momentum= mass x velocity
    • Work done = Force (N) x Distance moved in direction of force (m)
    • Kinetic Energy (J) = 1/2 x mass x velocity  ^2
    • Change in G.P.E (J) = weight (N) x vertical height difference (m)


Miss KHP


Great for OCR Science.

A mind map will help you to simplify lots of information to make revision a bit more fun!

Test yourself after and check your progress.



thank you so much

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