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  • P3
    • Sustainable Energy
      • Sources:
        • Secondary - don't come straight from nature e.g. electrical energy
        • Primary - come straight from nature e.g. solar energy
      • Fossil fuels are not sustainable because they damage the environment and are not replenished fast
    • Power
      • Power = Current x Potential Difference
      • Units:
        • Watt/Kilowatt
        • Voltage
        • Current
        • Ampere
        • Rate
      • To flow, energy needs a potential difference and a closed circuit
    • Buying Electricity
      • Cost = No. of Units x Cost per Unit
      • Energy Prices are rising because supply is dwindling while demand is growing
      • Kilowatt hours (kWh) are kliowatts x hours
    • Energy Diagrams and Efficiency
      • Chemical Energy + Electrical Energy --> Kinetic Energy + Light Energy + Thermal Energy
      • Energy cannot be destroyed or created, just changed in form
      • Sankey Diagrams
      • Wasted energy is not used up, just transformed into an unusable form
    • Generators
      • Power Station
      • Adv. and Disadv. of Nuclear and Sustainable Sources


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