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Core Specification :
Additional Specification :
Physics…read more

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P1 :: P2 :: P3
ocr gateway…read more

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heat and
Waves and our Specific heat
atmosphere capacity
Specific latent
Seismic waves
Wireless Conduction and
communication convection
Analogue and
Radiation and
Communicating Insulating your
using waves home
Cooking with Useful energy and
waves efficiency
Introduction to
Using light
Total Internal Electromagnetic
Reflection and waves and wave
fibre optics experiments…read more

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1.1Understanding heat and
· Temperature tells us how hot something is,
measured in °C (Celsius)
· Heat is a form of energy, measured in joules.
The HOTTER something is the more energy it
has.…read more

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Hot drink will cool
down .. The hot drink stores
energy in the form
of heat.
ENERGY surroundings
Energy will transfer to
the surroundings, until,
the temperature of the
drink is the same as the
The difference between the
surroundings.. 60°C temperature of the object and
the surrounding affects the rate
of reaction.
COLD= gains HOT= gives off
energy from energy to
surroundings surroundings
(warms up) (cools down)…read more

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Thermogram used to show how hot an object
· Different colours show different
· Hottest = white
· Coldest = Dark colours…read more

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slightly confusing but helpful for making notes from!


ive got an exam today and this really helped me. 5/5. thankuuu


How long did this take you??? These notes are really good for revision Thank you so much:))

Pete Langley - Get Revising founder

Very detailed

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