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Physics Revision ­ P1

Heat = A measurement of energy on an absolute scale. Measured in Joules. It is measured in joules
because it is a form of energy.
Temperature = A measurement of how hot or cold something is on a chosen scale. Can be seen on a…

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Analogue Signal = A continuously varying signal that can have any value.
Digital signal = It is either on (1) or off (0).
Multiplexing = More than one signal can be sent at one time.
Digital coding allows mobile phones to transfer information between people without error.
Optical Fibres…

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The ozone layer up in the atmosphere absorbs a lot of the suns UV light. CFCs damage the ozone
Sun block = The SPF of a sun block indicates how much UV light it can absorb. SPF 8 can allow you to
stay in the Sun eight times as…


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