OCR twenty first century physics P2 radiation and life

First part of P2 the electromagnetic sprectrum and the intensity and heat of radiation

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  • P2- radiation and life
    • Types of radiation
      • 2) Microwaves
      • 1) Radio Waves
      • 3) Infrared radoiation
      • 4) visible light
      • 5) ultraviolet
      • 6) X-rays
      • 7) Gamma Rays
    • Rabbits, Move, In, Very, Unusual, Extraordinary, Gardens
    • Radiation can be:
      • R.A.T
        • Reflected
        • Absorbed
        • Transmitted
    • Intensity and Heating
      • intensity of Em.R.is the energy arriving at a square meter of surface per second
        • Em.R= electromagnetic radiation
        • intensity depends on the number of PHOTONS delivered p/s and the amount of the photon enerygy
      • When a material absorbs radiation it will heat up
        • this is because the temperature increase depends on the intensity of the radiation.
        • the amount of heating also depend on the duration of exposure


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