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  • P2 Radiation and Life
    • Microwaves
      • Mobile Phones
        • use microwave radiation
      • Microwaves
        • Use microwave radiation
        • heat food
    • X-Rays
      • Benefits
        • Checking luggage at airports
        • Help medical reasons
      • Risks
        • Tiny increase chance of caner
      • How to avoid the risks
        • Only have one when needed
    • Radiographers
      • Leave the room behind a concrea wall
      • Lead apron
      • Lead screen
    • Electromeagnetic spectrum
    • A televsion remote controls emits infra-red radiation.The infa-red is transmitted through the air and then absorbsed by the t.v if you point the remote at the wall it will often still work because if reflects off the wall
    • A corralation is a link between 2 things


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