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  • P1 The Earth in the universe
    • The Structure of the earth
      • The crust is 10-40km deep and i solid rock
      • The mantle is rock and entends half way to the centre of the earth
      • The core is mostly made from iron solid outer core liquid inner core
    • Earth was formed around 5000 million years agao along with the solar system
    • The universe is made of millions of galaxies
    • Continental drift
      • Alfred Wegener put foward the idea of the continental drift. He studied the earth and found evidence that let him to believe that the continents could once have all be together
      • There werer matching rock types& the shapes of the continents fit together like a jigsaw&matching fossils of animals and plants.
    • Seafloor spreading:chain of mountins under the sea the seafloor spread was either side of an oceanic ridge
    • Plate tectonics: Giant slabs of rock move at a rate of abut 10cm per year.This movement is caused by convection currents n the earths solid mantle
      • The movement causes the ocean floor to grow wider at oceanic ridges and it can be destroyed at an oceanic trench


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