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  • P1 - Energy for the home
    • Heat and temperature
      • Specific Latent Heat: The energy needed to melt or boil 1kg of material
        • Energy transferred = mass x s.l.h
      • Specific Heat Capacity: The energy needed to raise the temp. of 1kg of material by 1 degrees C.
        • Energy transferred = mass x s.h.c x temp. change
      • Temperature is a measure of hotness on an arbitary scale.
      • Energy is a measure of energy transfer on an absolute scale.
    • Energy Transfer
      • Air is a good insulator and reduces energy transfer by conduction.
      • Trapped air reduces energy transfer by convection
      • Shiny surfaces reflect infrared radiation
      • Energy can be saved in the home by
        • Double Glazing
        • Cavity Wall Insulation
        • Reflecting Foil
        • Loft Insulation
        • Curtains
      • Energy efficiency =  useful energy output (x100%) / total energy input
      • Payback time = cost of installation/ annual savings
    • Waves
      • Laser light is a single colour and in phase.
      • Signals are sent along optical fibres by total internal reflection
      • EM Spectrum = Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Visible, UV, X-ray,  Gamma
      • Wave speed = frequency x wavelength
    • The stable Earth
      • Earthquake waves help us find out about the structure of the Earth.
      • Exposure to UV rays causes sun burn and skin cancer
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