Other Groups attaining Civil Rights

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  • Other Groups attaining Civil rights
    • Hispanic Americans
      • Chicano Nationalism
        • mid 1960s Reises Tjerina set up legal campaign based on a treaty between Mexico and USA
          • To return land in New Mexico to Chicanos
            • legal campaign was defeated through legal action and intimidation
              • Tijerina launched a raid on court house of New Mexico
        • Rodolfo Gonzalez founded crusade 1966 for justice which campaigned for better treatment
          • lead Chicano representatives in poor people's march from south western USA to Washington
      • Cesar Chavez
      • High School Blow outs
        • March 1968 mass walkout in eastern Los Angeles .
          • around 20,000 teens on the street
    • Native Americans
      • 1969 a writer wrote a book attacking US policies towards natives. encouraged uprising of red power
      • 1973 American Indian movement activists occupied trading post at Wounded Knee to run free of US control
        • wounded knee because site of infamous massacre of Native Americans by US forces
        • seige lasted 71 days and 2 people died
      • activity forced Nixon to appoint Louis Bruce as commissioner of BIA
        • Nixon returned 48,000 acres of land to a tribe
          • set up Indian child welfare act 1974 to prevent government agencies from taking children
            • Self determination act - free to govern themselves (19750
    • Women's movement


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