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  • Osmoregulation
    • Definition
      • Osmoregulation - control of water and salts in the body
    • Altering the permeability of the collecting duct
      • cool day ---> conserve less water ---> walls of collecting duct LESS permeable ---> dilute urine
      • Hot day ---> conserve more water ---> collecting ducts are MORE permeable ---> conc urine then the walls of collecting ducts respond to ADH in the blood
      • Therefore more ADH ---> more permeable channels inserted ---> more water reabsorbed by osmosis into the blood ---> less urine of a lowered water potential passes out of the body
    • Adjusting the concentration of ADH in the Blood
      • Water potential of the blood is monitored by Osmoreceptors in the Hypothalamus of the brain.
        • These cells respond to the effects of osmosis.
        • When the water potential is Low the Osmoreceptor Cells lose water by osmosis.
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