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  • Origins
    • Power: Probability of persons or groups carrying out their own will even when opposed by others.
      • Uses
        • Wish manipulation: Power to manipulate what people think they want.
        • Agenda manipulation: Power to set agendas. Limit what's being discussed.
        • Decision making: Power to make, influence and implement decisions which affect their people.
    • Coercion: Power arising from manipulation, force or threat or force.
      • Repressive apparatus: Which give power through the use of force.
      • Ideological apparetus: Which manipulate the way people think
    • Authority: When people voluntarily submit to the will of others.
      • Traditional: usually ascribed and assosicated with traditional norms/customs.
      • Rational-Legal: Largly achieved, and associated with ''holding office'' with a narrow remit.
      • Charismatic: From power of personality or persuasiveness. (Charisma)


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