organisations and sports excellence initiatives

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  • organisations and sports excellence initiatives
    • EIS
      • excellence institute funded by UK sport throughout england in regional centres
      • links with NGB's for talent ID programs
      • sport science support (nutrition)
      • sports medicine     support     (phiso)
      • performance lifestyle support and advice on the latest research
      • top quality facilities coaches and equipment
    • Uk sport
      • overally responsibility for development of elite sport in the uk
      • distributes lottery funding for elite
      • performer development
      • oversees work of EIS
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      • ethically fair drug free sport promoted
      • shares in best coaching practice globally
    • sport england
      • start,stay,  succed
        • grow,sustain,excel
        • assesses NGB whole sport plans for funding
      • excel part of overal strategy
      • working with NGB's to improve talent ID
      • systems in a variety of sports
      • assesses NGB whole sport plans providing financial support to acchieve them
      • developed ''coaching for young people'' inititative with the youth sport trust/NGB's
    • Sports Coach Uk
      • great coaches, great sport
      • attempting to create a world class coaching system
      • develop a UK coaching certificate to include the     developement of ''advanced coaches''/hierarchy to ''master coaches''
      • provision of developement officers to support the development of elite coaches
      • ''coachwise'' resources to develop coaches
    • NGB's
      • overall responsibility for development of a specific sport e.g. British cycling
      • identify/select performers for world class programme funding/APA/TASS
      • appoint performance directors
      • train high levels coaches in their sport
      • developmental training
      • squads/structured competitions
    • BOA
      • independent voice for British olympic sport
      • works with NGB's to select team GB
      • runs British Olympic medical institute
      • provides an olympic training centres/preparation camps
      • provides olympic and paralympic
      • employment network (open) balance aspects of life with sport
    • National Lottery
      • major source of funding for elite performers development supporting their quest for global sporting success
      • funds world class performance programme
      • provides finance to support warm weather
      • training/living costs/athlete personal awards
      • funds top level training/competition facilities
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    • sports aid
      • charitable organisation who receive money via individual donations fund raising events
      • funds young up and coming sports performers with a proven financial need
      • supported by their NGB
      • not in receipt of lottery funding


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