organisation of the league

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  • Organisation
    • Council - Met 3times a year. Had 5 permanent members and 4 temporary members (who were elected 3 times a year).
    • Secretariat - Carried out work and administration of the League. Kept records of League meetings and prepared reports for different organisations of the League.
    • Assembly - Debating chamber of the League. Power to submit new members, elect permanent members to the council.
    • Commissions - Set up to carry specialist work. Some are more permanent, e.g. refugees commission and some were permanent, e.g. those set up to deal with health.
    • Peacekeeping role - To solve disputes and was hoped to be done by negotiations. If a country had considered to have started a war, the League would take action against the aggressor through,       1. moral condemnation, 2. economic sanctions,      3. military force.
    • Permanent court of international justice - Gave decisions on disputes if asked, but had no way of reinforcing them.
    • International labour organisation - existed to bring about the League's aim of improving working conditions around the world. Met each year to set minimum standards.


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