The development of Shock Tactics

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  • The Development of tactics (shock tactics and cult of the offensive) 
    • Revolutionary
      • Some more rapid movement.
      • Napoleon led forces through alps and achived suprise at Merengo
      • air-reconnaissance battle of fleures 1794
    • Napoleonic
      • Rapid deployment + powerful long range weapons à change in tactics. Napoleon sought Central position at Austerlitz 1805 by breaking enemy line
      • Manourvre sur les derrieres
      • Rapid tactical success led to victory against the 3rd colation
      • frontal asuslts battle of borodino 1812
    • Prussian Wars
      • Prussian success 1864-70 was due to the superior fire power of the new rifles.  However more powerful Austrian artillery was a considerable challenge even in a successful battle such as Sadowa in 1866
    • American Civil War
      • Jackson used Manouvre sur less derriere during the Shenandoah campaign before the second battle of Manassas  where the confederates won victory against the union
      • Lee central position at Gettysburg unsuccessful 1863  Lee was repulsed 
      • picketss charge battle of gettysburg - frontal assault
      • union used balloon reconnisance
    • ww2
      • motorized units prevented slow advance
      • attempt to use paratroops to shorten the war at arnhem
        • but failed
      • tactical success 1940 depended on german weakness
      • Blitzkreig
        • Success in poland 1939
      • cavalry charge
        • polish forces against german tanks 1939
      • air reconnaissance airplanes
    • ww1
      • tactics of gaining local advantage
      • cavalry charges battle of Mons 1914
      • creeping barrage
        • batttle of the somme
      • frontal assults battle of the somme 1916
      • tried to out-manourve in race to thr sea
        • nettoyeurs de tranchée "trench cleaners" small formations
      • use of infiltration tactics
      • air reconnaissance airplanes


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