Napoleonic Warfare

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  • Napoleonic Warfare
    • Technology
      • Artillery vital in many of N. victories, e.g. Friedland
    • Generalship
      • N. - innovative, inspiring, developed new T to suit new style of Warfare e.g. Ulm
      • N. massive impact on morale, risk taker, improviser
    • S+T
      • Decisive Victory sought after as never before
      • Encirclement-Ulm, Austerlitz
      • Shock Tactics- Bayonet charge
      • Corps-3 infantry, cavalry brigade, 46 guns
    • P.O.
      • Civillians now more heavily involved in Warfare. More connected to army due to conscription.
    • Quality and Numbers
      • By 1796, France had raised the biggest army E.U. had ever seen
      • Numbers success @ Ulm, Valmy
    • Organisation of State
      • CPS organised France into military machine
      • Transport and Industry nationalised, and use of economic blockades
      • Aspects of total war, price controls were imposed
      • CPS established 20 new S&B factories and  12 gun factories


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