oneness of god

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  • the oneness of God and the supremacy of god's will
    • introduction
      • islam gradually revealed to humanity through various prophets
      • "islam" in arabic means surrender or submission - muslims should surrender to will of Allah
    • Oneness of God
      • Tawhid - the oneness and unity of god  - makes islam a monotheistic religion
      • "He is God the One [...] No one is comparable to Him" - Qur'an
        • this belief is repeated daily in the Shahadah - "there is no God but Allah"
      • Muslim's most important duty is to declare faith in the one god which is an undivided entity
        • no one else has god's attributes or qualities - the only sin that god will not forgive is attributing god-like qualities to any other being or thing
      • god is unique and there is nothing like god so no one can picture or describe god because there is nothing to compare god to
        • no images of god in mosques or in muslim books or in homes
    • supremacy of god's will
      • god is the one and only creator and controller of everything so everything that happens is god's will
      • important for sunni muslims faith
      • muslims believe that they shoudl trust in god's good intentions for people
      • "you who believe, obey god and the messenger"
    • impact of these beliefs on muslims
      • idolatry forbidden (worshipping an idol e.g. Prophet Muhammad)
      • Muslims must never make anything in their lives more important than god, including their family money or jobs
      • they must accept that even bad things are meant to be - god's plans are mysterious and not known to humans
        • "misfortunes can only happen with God's permission"


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