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" Prosper the marriage laws" - Centennial hymn - Lex Julia 18BC

"grant virtous ways for youth ready to learn" - Centennial Hymn - wishing for the young to learn the traditional values/moral

"Now Faith, Peace, Honour, old-fashioned Modesty, and Virtue so long neglected dare to return" - Centennial Hymn

"In service to a woman, roman soldiery" - Rejoice for vicotry at Actium - never names Cleopatra - gives her less honour/power

"Hail Victory! Goddess who never brought us so great a general" - Rejoice for vicotry at Actium - referencing Augustus.

"fearful care for Caesar's fortunes" - Rejoice for victory at Actium - people worried/care about Aug (NOT ABOUT ACTIUM)

"while that queen" - suicide of Cleopatra - does not name her, dismissive

"diseased by vice, herself without restraint" suicide of cleopatra - claiming she's immoral, not what romans want to be

"her mind crazed" - suicide of cleopatra

"The doom-laden monster" - suicide of cleopatra - SHOWS AUGUSTAN PROPOANDA (STEREOTYPICAL)

"No humble women, in a proud triumph" - suicide of cleopatra - wouldnt let herself be paraded as a humble woman, valued her pride/nobility even in death but thought her immoral in life.

"Augustus will be held a God,


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